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Web Hosting Tips For Small Businesses

For a small business to become successful, proper positioning in the search engine results is vital. With local search engine optimisation, you can boost the visibility of your business on the search engines while improving other marketing efforts on social media and other avenues. Here are some of the best seo agency 2018 tips you should consider to achieve the best results.

1. Properly Optimised Information On The Business Site

Here, the domain name needs to reflect the type of business and location. The page titles should have keywords that identify the business, the location and the services provided. Every page including the landing page and home page needs to have the business name, address and phone number. Finally, you should have proper information about your location in the website copy allowing the search engines to locate you effortlessly.

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2. Proper Listings

Besides the search engines, all the third party directories should have consistent and accurate information about your business listings. Note that search engines often scan the directories to understand the local web and your business as a whole. Additionally, you can build your listings with videos, photos and a lot of key information to make them attractive to potential customers. If you have multiple locations for your business, make sure there is a separate listing for each location to boost the visibility accordingly.

3. Proper Linking Strategies

Links from your site to others or from others to yours play a role in the visibility of your business. You should share links frequently from your site through social media channels. You should provide links to your site on email newsletters or any updates to customers. Finally, you should only link to websites that are related to your business to avoid miscommunication to the customers.

And of course, use local hosting whenever it is available, just do a google search for “best web host 2018” and you will get a list of local hosting companies.

With these local SEO tips, your business should attract more customers and increase revenue!