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Services offered by SEO companies

If your company doesn’t have a website presenting what you are about and allowing your customers and consumers to inform themselves in great detail directly, you’ve probably slept through the past three decades of business evolution. Presence on the world wide web has never been more important, and it’s one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing Rate of Investment in digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation is a very new branch of digital management that has quickly become very popular and much sought after. But what do SEO companies actually do?

If you’re to generalize the way internet works, it would go along these lines – you provide content. That content is either relevant or irrelevant. Irrelevant content will be pushed down the search engine lists to make way for relevant content. How do the engines determine what’s relevant and what’s irrelevant? That’s a combination of many factors, including the number of links leading to your content, the time users spend on web pages with that type of content and the quality of content compared to other, similar content. That’s where the SEO companies find a niche where they earn money by boosting your relevancy on the big map of digital communication.

Site SEO optimization – Just having a web site is not nearly enough to get the visitors rolling in, giving your product or service more exposure. There are plenty of tips and tricks that you can apply to make your site look much more attractive to search engines, including the forming of proper URL’s, a lot of text content broken up by images and videos, having content that is original and unique and not having any low value links on your site or in your comments.

Copywriting – Content is the king, and while a decade or two ago you could do something by chewing over the already published content, search engines are much smarter now and can recognize duplicates pretty easily. Copywriting gets you relevant articles which all target specific keywords or linked keywords, allowing you to nudge your content’s relevance a bit in a specific direction, for a specific set of keywords. This technique can backfire, as the content has to be unique, grammatically correct and consistent, you can’t just slap anything on, and SEO companies usually have teams of bloggers who are ready to do the content research, to see what is relevant in the field and what not, and to find what they can write about that will get your search engine rating to go up.

Link Building – Using this method aggressively was the way to go until few years ago, but now you can be burned badly if you go over board. What is link building? Well, it’s a method of greatly increasing your site’s visibility on the web – you need to have other people whose sites are relevant to the themes covered in your content link to your sites. Their sites have to have a good rating, and you have to find a way to be naturally linked back to, or you will be penalized by search engines. Link Building is best achieved by blogging, guest blogging and using social media to raise awareness of a specific product or a service. It’s a difficult thing to master and achieve, and sometimes it takes months to see real results of proper link building, but is one of the best ways of raising consumer awareness in a natural and organic way that will set your ratings soaring, and your visits going through the roof.

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